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.out of the darkness and into the workforce.

Yup: I am, once again, joining the ranks of the full-time employed!  As those of you who have followed my sad little unemployment saga know, this is a HEE-YUGE relief.  March brings us to Month Seven of my unemployment, and it was beginning to feel like I would never get a job… I was okay at fending off discouragement most days, but I’m not sure how much deeper that well of optimism ran.  Suffice to say, this is awesome timing.

I’ll be working for the federal government, which will be an interesting turn for the girl who has only ever done legal services work.  It being the Fed, I probably won’t give too many details about my job, but I think it’ll be interesting work that keeps me challenged and interested.  (Now if we could just get Congress to overturn DOMA so that when Finn and I get married she could be on my health insurance, that’d be greaaaat.  Obama’s executive order stopped just short of that, and I am not happy.  You hear me, Mr. President?  Not.  Happy. At. All.)

But today is not the day to let discrimination rain on my parade.  I am employed, it is a job I think I’ll enjoy, and I no longer have to live in a state of constant fear that I’m not going to be able to pay my bills.  It’s a good day.

Before I go, I’d like to give a slow-clap shoutout to everyone who helped keep me emotionally afloat the last 6 months.  (In particular, I’m looking at you Finn / Rev – particularly with your well-timed reminder of J.K. Rowling’s discussion of the benefits of failure / Cali / Rala… I don’t know what I would have done without you.)



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.a day for sunshine.

I’m dreaming of sunshine today.  After shovelling the driveway (again – I better end up with some sexy arm muscles after all this hard labor!) I allowed myself to fall into the Worst of the New England Midwinter Fantasies: bright sunshine, blue skies, puffy clouds, freshly mown grass, cold beer, warm day.  It’s still January… too early to be wishing away the cold and snow, which will be here until at least April most likely.  But we’ve got a backyard here, and we didn’t get the chance to make use of it even once before it got chilly.  Ooh, barbeque!

Okay, must stop.

In other news, I spent this evening completely organizing my life.  Feel free to be impressed.  I get things into my head sometimes, and last night I decided that I had to get a filing cabinet and create some sort of system to keep up with the enormous amount of paperwork swallowing my life (and various parts of our house).  So I dragged Finn to Staples to help me pick out the necessaries (“You’re a nutball, but you’re MY nutball,” she says in regards to my single-mindedness about these sorts of things) and tonight I filed my heart out.  I discovered a few things, such as a student loan I managed to somehow completely block from memory, and the fact that I can fit most of the important and defining documents of my life into the contents of 1/4 of a filing cabinet.  What am I going to do with the rest of it, I wonder?  (The filing cabinet, not my life… though good question either way.)

Lastly, of course, I can’t let today go by without commenting on the inauguration.  They threw a pizza party at work and projected a live feed onto the wall of our large conference room so we could all wander in and out during the day.  Around 11:30 most of us gathered to watch the main event – we chewed on pizza and laughed and snarked at Bush and halfway through Obama’s speech I felt so overwhelmed with love for my colleagues and my country and the work that we are all doing and the work that’s left to be done that I teared up, and realized: this is what it’s like to take pride in your country.  This is what that feels like. And now I know.

Which means, I suppose, that Obama is a miracle worker after all.

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