.about that last… and banana bread!.

Just needed to work through some things in that last post, stuff I’m not ready to share yet (or probably ever) but I figured I’d password protect it just in case I someday changed my mind and this blog became a discussion of a very different kind.  So, sorry, I kind of hate when people do that on their blogs but this is my only journaling-space at the moment, so there you have it.

But I did want to publicly announce that I made banana bread today.  This is, ladies and gentlemen, the Very First Loaf of Bread of Any Kind I Have Ever Baked (and, other than from-the-box brownies and cupcakes and whatnot, really the First Thing Period I Have Ever Baked)!!!  Oh yes, it’s happening, the transformation is well underway…

Otherwise, I have just been writing more cover letters than any human being should reasonably be expected to write, writing for pleasure a lot to make up for it, catching up with old pals (including the Divine Ms. Olive, who came to visit for a few days last weekend and made me rather nostalgic for our days as roomies, when it was normal – even expected – to find us parked on the couch for hours at a time devouring youtube videos and America’s Next Top Model marathons…) and, of course, hanging with the kittens.  Ophelia says hi.

ophelia bum

(She LOVES to be held like a baby, it’s so weird.)


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  1. How cute is that cat?!

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