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Some Random Thoughts:

  • We’re back from Hawaii!  We had a fantastic time staying with Finn’s brother and sister-in-law and our baby niece (who, at a year old, perhaps can’t really be called a baby anymore, but…)  There was lots of beach and pool time, as well as a lot of cooking and eating and listening to music and hanging out and babysitting and family time.  We also learned pretty much every word to Ziggy Marley’s children’s album, to which the beebs is mildly addicted, and discovered that playing the Ting Tings on repeat and dancing with her is the only foolproof way to get her to nap when her Aunties are babysitting.  :)

Ziggy, playing my favorite song at the White House Easter Egg Roll


Me squinting into the sun, as Finn attemps to make the picture Facebook-Inappropriate

(And yes, I’m still that pale, even after all the beach time)

  • Current addiction of the moment: Buffy.  Why didn’t I listen to everyone who told me that this series was amazing and I HAD to watch it like NOW???  It’s so cheesy and ridiculous, but also deals well with some pretty heavy stuff – I laugh, I cry, I oogle Sarah Michelle Gellar lookin’ good killin’ demons.  Aaaaand I may have just purchased the entire series off ebay despite the fact that I have no money.  I’m only halfway through Season 3 – and I will dropkick anyone who tries to give anything more away than what I’ve already picked up simply from having similarly-obsessed friends – but I can already tell this is one of those shows that’s going to go into heavy rotation on the DVD-as-TV lineup.  See also: Scrubs, Sex and the City, Arrested Development.  (Side note: my context for SMG all these years hasn’t been as Buffy, but as Kendall Hart on All My Children – yes, the ABC soap – to which I was addicted in middle school.  Apparently she manages to worm her way into several of my addictions.  Could that be because she’s AWESOME?  Is it apparent yet that I am nursing a major Buffy-crush?  Yes?  Good.)  Anyway, my advice: watch it.  Like NOW.
  • Calling all foodies: I want to learn to cook.  For those of you who don’t know me personally, this is kind of an epic statement.  As in, perhaps I should state it again in bold: I, pomegranate, want to learn to cook.  Please understand, I hate hate HATE cooking – I never do it, and, thanks to the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to have a series of girlfriends/roommates who enjoy cooking, I’ve never really had to.  But Finn is going out of town for 2 months beginning on Monday, so my options at this point seem to be cook, starve, or microwave everything.  For 2 months.  Bleh.  The former seems the only realistic option, and I suppose unemployment will ensure that I have plenty of time to look up recipes and try and make it work.  So.  If you have any recipes that are easy-for-beginners and delicious, consider this a polite solicitation of said recipes!  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email me at pomegranateinkpen [at] gmail [dot] com.  No particular dietary restrictions, other than the fact that my stomach doesn’t particularly appreciate very spicy foods.  Whee!
  • Yes, you read that correctly, Finn is going out of town for two (2) MONTHS on Monday.  She’s off to do a baby-catching internship – a really amazing opportunity for her – that happens to be thousands of miles from here.  2,398 to be exact, not that I’m counting.  I am really thrilled for her that she has the opportunity, and she’s going to come back having learned so much and having had some really amazing experiences, but I’m still super bummed about the 2 months apart.  We’re going to Skype a lot, and we’ve got some plans in place to try and stay connected, and I know 2 months isn’t really that long in the grand scheme of things, but… particularly while unemployed, I think it’s going to feel like a long time.
  • I’ve decided to spend this time of unemployment getting back to some things I used to do often and lost somewhere along the way.  Like spending quiet time alone.  Like going on long walks.  And, most especially, like writing.  My soon-to-be-sister-in-law – that is, Finn’s sister-in-law – and I both love writing and don’t do it enough, so we cooked up a little plan to work together on goal-setting and holding one another accountable.  Of course, I’m unemployed and she has a 14 month old and a job, so obviously we’re going to be setting different goals, but I’m really excited about getting back to my Writing Self and dedicating some real time to her.  (This blog, I should note, is not really a place for my Writing Self.  I write here more like I would write in an email – I’m not exactly sure why, but this has never really felt like the kind of space where I can be creative as opposed to just journaling thoughts and events.  Well, I suppose I’ve thrown in the occasional poem or two, but overall that’s not really what this blog has turned out to be for me.  So it’ll be good to create a place for that part of me to live.)
  • It’s 2:30pm and I’m jet lagged and still in my jammies and definitely have errands to run.  So, off I go.


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.join the circus?.

So, turns out if I can’t be a public interest attorney, apparently I don’t want to be an attorney at all.  It literally took one search for me to figure out that there is not a single legal job out there unrelated to public interest that I am even remotely interested in.  More than that: the thought of working at any of them makes me slightly queasy.  At least I know what my calling is, I suppose.  No idea what to do in the meantime but apply and see where the universe takes me.

You know how in the beginning of Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” Jonas is searching for the right word to describe his feelings?  That pretty much sums up my last few weeks.  I’m not… and I’m not quite… maybe I’m… no…

Jonas ends up settling on apprehensive. Discombobulated might be the best fit for me.  I’m all over the place, a little lost, not unhappy, just unsettled.

The past few weeks have been some of the strangest in recent memory – I’m a Cancer, and we very much prize our routine, place great value in our surroundings being orderly and serene.  That’s all out the window, obviously, but I’m working hard to take it in stride.  I haven’t cried once since we moved, in fact.  And I’ve been sleeping well (though waking at ungodly early hours.  I think it’s because we finally live in a place that isn’t shrouded in tree-shade – the sight of the sun whispers me into consciousness each morning.  It’s not a bad thing).

This must be what it feels like to be caught by a safety net.  I’ll take discombobulated over homeless any day of the week.

I am very lucky.

We’re moved in, getting a little closer to settled on the homefront every day.  So the pictures are being hung, the laundry folded, and the kittens are adjusting.  I had brunch yesterday with Cali, dinner with QS.  Tomorrow I’m having coffee with Grant (so nicknamed for the Civil War general, and I hope he appreciates it) who I haven’t seen in forever and who is moving to DC soon as part of the mass exodus to the District which seems to be happening in the last few years.  Among my pals, anyway.  He has requested some sort of crazy adventure that I can later blog about.

Because obviously my blog is so full of adventure!  Laundry!  First-time unemployment!  What will she do next, ladies and gentlemen?!?  :)

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