.toothless texting.

Last Thursday I had my wisdom teeth out.  They used conscious sedation for the procedure – essentially I was very, very drunk (slash high?) through the whole thing.  I could follow directions at the time, and I was responsive, but I mostly just laid there and listened to my iPod, and I remember very little of what happened.  However, when I sobered up, I checked my phone to find the following text conversation had taken place.  I don’t remember a word of it.

Me: Love you

Finn: Love you more

[Doctor inserts the IV]

Me: Im fryeeling so drunk whoa wow thus syff

Finn: Um should you be texting?

Me: I am all connectr to wires andvnoy scared

Finn: Breathe!!  You will be fine

Me: Not scared

Finn: Not scared!  Oh!  Excellent!

Me: They can do ehatevverbr they want

Me: Texing is so hard

Finn: You’re doing it well!

Finn: Whatcha thinking about?

Me: The lives that the trees have

Finn: That’s deep stuff, why aren’t they doing anything yet?

Me: I love yuiiu

Me: Has tonn dink in

Finn: Um

Me: My yonhueb is huge

Me: Sleepy

Me: Tongue

Finn: Take a nap

Me: Gonna rest wishbyiu were here

Finn: Me too I hate those fuckers [They hadn’t let Finn come into the room with me, and she was not happy]

Me: I am just being borin I’m numb and dozing and tring not to tell secrets



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3 responses to “.toothless texting.

  1. Rev

    Pom, this is HILARIOUS. “trying not to tell secrets” hahahahahaahah.

  2. This is hysterical! I hope that you are healing well.

    That’s awful that they wouldn’t let Finn in with you, she had every right to be upset. Fuckers indeed.

  3. Ab-Fab

    “The lives that the trees have.” hahahahahahaha

    OK, I know this was weeks ago, but I’m just catching up on your blog. I’m thinking about you amidst the job-leaving, packing-moving-unpacking craziness. Sweet letter to Finn, also. ;)

    Love you.

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