.oh, however.

I should note that I am not as bummed as I come across in that last post.

Sister is fully recovered, rockin’ her bikini despite the laproscopic incisions she received.  All is well with the world on that front.  And again, so so many thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts/prayers.  Seriously, that shit really works.

I am madly in love with Finn.

My supervisor at work is going to call one place where I’m applying to work – a job I think I’d be perfect for – to talk me up.  AND that job pays better than the one I have now.  (Though, honestly, most jobs do.  Ha.)

I leave for the beach in 3 weeks, and I’m working it out so that I’m flying to Rev and we’re going to road trip there together, as her family happens to be staying at the same beach the same week my family and I will be there.  Sweeeeeet.

So, there are good things too.  :)



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2 responses to “.oh, however.

  1. SQUEAL!!! also. don’t pee yer pants but we may have convinced a certain lobster to come join us @ the beach for the week, if she can get the time off of work that is. DOUBLE SQUEAL!!!! :)

  2. I am so happy that your sister is fully recovered! What an amazing relief that must be for all of you.

    Isn’t being in love with the person you are with just the best thing ever? :)

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