.superfast update.

My sister has been in the hospital for the last 5 or so days.  They’re not sure what’s wrong with her (and what’s the deal with my family members ending up in the hospital???) but she’s in a lot of pain and completely drugged up on pain meds, and the doctors haven’t been much help up til now.  We think they’re finally starting to hone in on a diagnosis, but she graduates at the end of this week and it’s not looking like she’s going to be able to go.  Which is really sad for her.  Anyway, any good thoughts you could spare would be much appreciated – send ’em her way.  Thanks!

I have been having an awesome few weeks at work.  Been super busy, but loving it.  Feeling like I’m finally starting to hit my stride, and developing some really good, solid relationships with the people I work with.  So it was pretty rough today when my supervisor pulled me into her office to give me an unofficial, unauthorized, non-union-approved heads up that, basically, I should start looking for another job because I was going to be laid off soon.  Then, tonight, I get an email from the union with management’s proposal: August 28th will be my last day, barring some MAJOR union intervention (unlikely) or an act of God (also fairly unlikely).  I’m actually not as upset about it as I thought I’d be – probably because they’ve been telling me I was going to be laid off since about February – but the situation is really, really shitty.  I just want to be allowed to keep my crappy salary and work for poor people, dammit!  Is that so much to ask???  Sigh.  But I’m trying to stay open, stay positive, try and look at this as an opportunity for growth.  I am really going to miss that job though.

Anyway.  I leave for the Southland tomorrow to see the fam, visit sis in the hospital, and (perhaps) see her walk at graduation.  Hell, I’ll push her in a wheelchair if it comes to that.  I haven’t finished packing, so I suppose I should get to that…



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2 responses to “.superfast update.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your job loss & I will absolutely send good thoughts your way – I hope your sister recovers quickly. Have a safe trip.

  2. give my love to the fam and the boo! I’ll be thinking/praying for all of you this week. I know you’ll find another rockin job, b/c its just in your nature.

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