.what would it take to get rachel maddow to marry me?.

Per Jason Linkins at the Huffington Post:

Tonight, on the Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow and regular guest, Air America’s Ana Marie Cox, discussed the fringetastic anti-tax Renaissance Faires known as “tea parties.” There is only one thing in all the world worth noting about the people behind these things, and it is this: everyone involved is apparently unaware of what the term “teabagging” means. As you will see, this is not the case with Maddow and Cox.

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2 responses to “.what would it take to get rachel maddow to marry me?.

  1. Uh, sorry pom, I think the end of the line to marry Rachel is already through the good New England states and now half way through Iowa.

    This manufactured “Teabagging” movement courtesy of Fox News, is no accident I think for a network (de)based on teabagging the American public, by shoving rightwing propaganda down the throats of anyone silly enough to accept it.

  2. bootstrap

    phd from oxford? hell-OOOOOO.

    oh i love her. ilove her. i. love. her.

    and just so damn cute.

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