It has been a good weekend.  Finn returned, there was dancing and drinking, Saturday was spent in bed recovering from the dancing and drinking, and most of today was spent in bed as well, recovering from our 2 weeks apart.  My favorite kind of weekend.

It looked beautiful outside today, full of sunshine streaming in our windows, and then, when we were running a quick errand right before the sun set – snow.  The thermostat said it was in the 40’s, and suddenly we were surrounded by swirling snowflakes; people in the cars around us rolled their windows down, stuck their hands out, couldn’t believe it.  For a minute, it was like the first snow again.

Maybe it’s because Finn is back, maybe it’s because the weather is finally turning, maybe it’s because I’m slowly but surely settling into the mantle of adulthood, but I’m finding myself lately obsessing over the three things I never thought I’d obsess over (and I can’t believe I’m admitting this): a house, marriage, and babies.  I’ve gone from envisioning a future without any of those things to not being able to think about anything else.  As I was lounging in bed this afternoon, I kept thinking about how lovely it was to basically spend an entire weekend curled up with Finn, but how much more lovely it would be to have had to wake up at 7am, cook some breakfast for the kiddos, and go out and do family stuff.  I want tee-ball games and play dates and PTA meetings.  Who am I???  When did this happen???  If my women’s studies professors could see me now…

I’m also suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust.  I’ve got no plans for a trip until June (back down south for my little sister’s graduation) but if I don’t go somewhere before then I’m going to lose it.  This winter was too long and I’m antsy.  I’m thinking Hawaii, Greece, or Ireland.  Yea, I’m not talking about a road trip – I want to get as far away as possible.  …And then I want to come home again.



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2 responses to “.nesting.

  1. yay to Finn being home! Your weekend sounds like it was perfect.

  2. Jul

    Don’t feel bad about your obsessions…this chick never thought in a million years she would marry – ever. I met the right girl, we did it as soon as possible and it was the best decision I ever made…even years later.

    Now, we’re shopping around for brownstones in the city after living in a nice loft for a couple of years.

    Though I don’t know about kids…I do know that domesticity doesn’t have to suck. If you’re with the right person – you get laid more often, you feel loved all the time, and life becomes one big adventure.

    cheers to you…and good luck on your own quest.

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