.ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.


Galoshes and Scarf Fringe

Finn left for school this morning… which means 2 weeks all by my lonesome.  And of course it was a grey, grey day today in honor of her departure.  In honor of her return, however, a composition from Sunday morning:

[meaning enough, quite]


we lie together
in our bed, it is morning,
here is morning
here is sunlight illuminating lazy dust motes;
you are asleep, i am not asleep, i am
not asleep counting your breaths on my neck
and i think
there is a poem in here

so newly awake my mind steals away (quietly)
(so as not to wake you)
begins its whirringspiraling
i will crawl inside this moment
i will fill it up flesh it out
as the poets teach
i will give it meaning
i have decided
what it needs it needs meaning
i am outside myself
i am pulling away from you
i am reaching for my pen

and i have stopped
counting your breaths          on my neck
as i stoop to write these words:

this is their cost:
this is their price:

who can know
what is too dear?
who can know?

and so i release return to myself,
to your breath
to this bed where we are curled
one after the other like waves
and i think
i am content
where the poets would have me turn your breaths into love letters, no
i am content
to abandon my poetry
(to let my poetry abandon me!)
i will not pay that price, today
content to know your breath on my neck

unadorned, without flourish or baubles
without even the beat of a poet’s heart
is meaning enough,


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One response to “.ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

  1. That is so very beautiful but I’m sorry that it’s coming from such a sad place. I am sending many hugs your way and hoping that these two weeks go by very quickly.

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