I’m falling apart at the seams here, people!

I’m currently sporting:

1. An infected wisdom tooth, which means that it hurts to talk, chew, swallow, or open my mouth any farther than it takes to just eek a spoon in there.  I’ve not eaten solid foods in about 3 days.  Luckily, Finn has been lately gunning for the Best Girlfriend of the Year award, and bought me ice cream, chocolate pudding, rice pudding, nutritional drinks, mac n cheese, soup, and fruit and yogurt for smoothies, so at least I won’t continue the slow starve I was working up.  I went to the dentist this morning and came away with prescriptions for 2 antibiotics, some kind of special mouthwash, and percocet.  (I’ve never taken prescription painkillers, and I’m actually kind of scared of them, so I haven’t touched the percocet yet…)  Anyway, doc predicts I’ll start feeling better by tomorrow night, if not sooner.  Also, once it’s cleared up I have to get my wisdom teeth out.  Sadface.

2. Less exciting but nonetheless annoying, a long cat scratch on one hand that’s painful and inflamed.  Yes, another infection.  C’mon immune system, seriously?  I figure the antibiotics will knock this out, but I’ve been neosporin-ing just in case.

3. And of course, because no sickly incident would be complete without it: my period.

In other less whiny news, my mom passed her stress test with flying colors, which is awesome because it means that whatever was (is…) wrong with her isn’t a heart issue.  She’s still weak and having some trouble breathing, however, so at the moment she’s kind of a medical mystery.  Which brings me to…

… who is, I think, the answer to all our problems at this point.  He just better watch where he sticks that thermometer.


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  1. You hang in there! And enjoy the pampering. Really, let it all sink in. And enjoy the snow. Snow seems to mild of a word to describe the onslaught of the coming Nor’easter, but snow it is! Beautiful snow!

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