.okay okay okay.

So, y’know that “25 Random Things About Me” meme that has TAKEN OVER facebook (and is apparently “threatening to consume what little remaining free time and privacy we have“?)  Yea, so, I caved.  Without further ado, my 25:

1. When I was about 6, I fell off a jungle gym and had the wind knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe for about a minute, and I – literally – thought I had died. As in, I walked around for about 3 days thinking I was a ghost. I don’t recall the event that made me realize I was actually, in fact, still counted among the living… but I did enjoy being a ghost. I may or may not have believed I was invisible for all or part of that time.

2. My first car was named the Dalai Lama, which had nothing to do with His Holiness, and everything to do with not wanting it to be known as “the nipple car.” I think this one works best without an explanation.

3. I have never been given, but most assuredly deserve, a diagnosis of at least mild OCD. A short list of my compulsions include: cornering, extending lines, patterned muscle twitching, and an inability to work in a room that has not been “porquaed.”

4. I listened to Tori Amos every single day of my high school career.

5. I wrote a poem in kindergarten about the headless horseman that ended “For he got away with a bat… for he got away with a bat.” In the margins surrounding the poem, I drew a picture of a baseball bat as well as a flying-animal-bat. To this day, I have no idea what the hell my 5 year old self was talking about.

6. I wonder more than I should whether I made a mistake in going to law school. I still think – wistfully and often – about running away from everything and holing up somewhere and just writing. And if ever given anything remotely resembling an opportunity to do so, I will.

7. I would never describe myself as conservative, but I am surprisingly traditional.

8. I think I must have been an early American New England colonist in a past life. Moving here made something click in a really fundamental way that I can’t explain. That said, there will always be a part of me that is, yes, a southern girl. So pass the cornbread. Please. (Because we are polite).

9. I learned to speak with a lishp from Rala, and I can honestly say it is one of the greatest comedic gifts anyone has ever given me.

10. I still have a pair of shoes that my grandma bought me at the Jersey Shore the summer before my 10th grade year. The soles are peeling off the uppers, they’re faded and falling apart, but they are the most comfortable damn shoes in the world and I can’t give them up.

11. I really, genuinely, with every fiber of my being, hate cooking. Otherwise, I am your typical Cancer.

12. I am ridiculously efficient.

13. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is pomegranate seltzer water. I don’t have a favorite alcoholic drink, but gin and tonics make me turn into a crazy person. (It’s still unclear whether it’s the gin or the tonic, so I avoid both like the plague).

14. I once fell forward onto a cactus, and had to pull out close to 50 long, thick needles from my legs. Also, I had gotten a terrible sunburn on my back earlier in the day, so… yea, it was a pretty bad day.

15. She will never ever believe me, but I genuinely believe that my little sister is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

16. I’m a super picky eater, which I didn’t realize until I moved to New England. Apparently I only like southern cooking. I have tried to expand my palate, and have added in a few other genres, sushi and Vietnamese being the most notable. But I just can’t do Indian. I tried, and I can’t. Sorry, Finn.

17. I spend a lot of time feeling really undeserving of all the blessings I’ve been given in my life. But I feel very lucky to have been raised to believe that it’s important to give back, and to have a job that lets me do that.

18. I have never served on a jury, and now that I’m a lawyer, I’ll probably never be chosen for one.

19. I haven’t lived in the same house/dorm room/apartment for more than a year since I was 18, and I am realllllly tired of being a nomad. I am ready to settle down, dammit.

20. I think all of my best memories take place at my Grandma’s cottage at the beach. We spent at least one month of every summer vacation there for the majority of my childhood. To this day, when I’m having trouble falling asleep, I will recall lying on the bed in the back bedroom, listening to the crickets chirp over the sound of the fan whirring, and feeling like there was nothing in the world so lovely as being right there in that moment.

21. I have nothing against aging; I think women (and society at large) put far too much emphasis on looking young; but I can’t pretend I’m not going to be a little sad when my hair starts turning grey. Being a redhead is pretty awesome.

22. I can remember anything if you put it to music. 50 states? Check. Preamble to the Constitution? Check. Every song from every episode of Barney that played in the background of my adolescence? Check.

23. I worked in the Robert B. House Undergraduate Library for 3 of my 4 years at UNC. It was an incredibly coveted job (easy, low stress, relatively well-paid) and I got an interview solely because my boss wanted to know what the heck “Occoneechee” meant.

24. If I could subsist on Milky Way Midnight candy bars, I would eat nothing else.

25. I have a hairless cat. No, we did not shave her. No, she is not a woodland creature who somehow snuck into our house. And for the love of Nancy, NO, she is not Golem!



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3 responses to “.okay okay okay.

  1. presbyqueerian

    remember when we used to buy you milkyway midnight bars in BULK? or when Shaw’s had them on special 3 for $4.

  2. This was a great list, I’m glad you gave in. :)

  3. I love it! I especially love that you named your car the Dalai Lama, if only because one could intone with great Zen-like gravity: “Everywhere you go, there you are.”

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