.weekend update.

Friday night we met several people at Cali’s place for drinks.  It was supposed to be pre-gaming to go out gay lady dancing after, but everyone else who was there decided after a few drinks that they didn’t want to go dancing, so in the end it was just Cali and I who went.  We had a good time – I’ve been feeling much older than my 25 years lately, so it was nice to just go out and drink and dance and not worry too terribly much about being responsible for an evening.  I did, however, end up fairly drunk by the end of the night, i.e. after we closed the place down and the music stopped and the lights came on (sidenote: why do they do that?  It’s such a harsh way to end an evening, watching all the sweaty, flushed people who were just happily bouncing around suddenly looking altogether more haggard, gathering their things under flourescent lights and straggling out into the cold…)

In any case, I woke up yesterday morning with a nice little hangover.  I remember a few years ago when nearly every Saturday and Sunday morning was greeted with the same headache and unhappy stomach.  So perhaps being “responsible” does have its benefits – I certainly don’t miss that.  I was mostly a waste of space yesterday, lots of napping and reading and drinking fluids to recover.  Finn and I were going a little stir crazy by the evening, so we headed to a bookstore to peruse (we’re trying to save money, so no purchasing for us!  …I just love the smell and feel of books) and then home, where I set up my Xbox and we played Dance Dance Revolution for a while.  I know, it’s incredibly nerdy, but it’s a great way to get you up off your ass when you’ve been laying around all day.

And speaking of nerdy, today we’re thinking about going to Old Sturbridge Village which is, ahem, “one of the country’s largest living history museums [with] a large staff of historians in costume, 59 historic buildings on 200 acres, three authentic water-powered mills and two covered bridges. Visitors can ride in a stagecoach, view antiques, heirloom gardens, meet the farm animals, and take part in hands-on crafts year-round.”  I can’t help it, I LOVE people in costume explaining in detail how to churn butter.  I just hope it can live up to Old Salem



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2 responses to “.weekend update.

  1. Old Sturbridge involves a lot of walking, so be prepared. It is a slow moving but lovely place to visit, especially if you like imagining what your life would have been like back in New England in the brisk and hardy olden tymes.

    I’ve only been there in the summertime, so not sure how they do winter.

    Have a good time!

  2. Rev

    glad you busted out the DDR! all in all it sounds like quite the throw-back weekend (no pun intended?)
    and i’m glad you were able to shake it on the dance floor, i’d had to have to start calling you pome-granny!

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