.she rambles when she’s at peace.

Today, I feel peaceful.

Nothing in particular going on, just a feeling of general contentment.  I have been incredibly busy at work lately, which I much prefer to the long stretches of boredom I was experiencing there for a while.  My caseload has officially topped 40 – that is, I have more than 40 people holding me accountable for important parts of their lives at any given moment.  The work felt like a burden, in the beginning, mostly because I was so overwhelmed.  Now it feels… well, it feels like a responsibility.  But in a way that gives me an opportunity to be challenged rather than the kind of responsibility that weighs on you.  (Note to self: as much as possible, carry this feeling going forward… because let’s be honest, sometimes, that responsibility weighs).  I also genuinely adore the people I work with.  My colleagues are uber-supportive and generous of their time and talents, and I love the feeling of starting to grow into friendships with several of them. Also, my supervisor – who, it should be noted, is a badass attorney who knows EVERYTHING and thus still intimidates the shit out of me – is nonetheless unfailingly understanding of my (many) shortcomings and gives oodles of positive feedback and guidance.  So, work is good.  And I can’t believe my good luck in landing here, doing exactly the work I wanted to do in such a wonderful place, right out of law school.  Peaceful and appreciative.

(Clearly, I am in a very genuine sort of mood tonight.)

Unfortunately, my newfound insanely busy work schedule has meant that I haven’t been able to gchat nearly as much with Rev (my verybest who recently moved to DC).  We instituted a Virtual Office and check in with one another throughout the day, but I have been a terrible virtual officemate lately.  Which sucks, becuase I rely on those check ins to keep me sane and to prevent me from going through Rev-withdrawl.  It’s setting in… time to plan a visit methinks.  Plus, I’m DYING to see the Supreme Court.  Because I am a law nerd, yes.

It’s supposed to snow 8-14 inches here tonight and tomorrow.  In other words, I am working from home and get to sleep in.  This could account for a large part of the good mood I’m experiencing.  Now if only some woman would hurry up and have her baby so Finn could come home, it would be a perfect night.



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4 responses to “.she rambles when she’s at peace.

  1. Hey Pomegranate,

    Congratulations on “temerarious” being picked up on Sinclair’s blog. The only reason I submitted was because I saw that you had and I hadn’t considered it a possibility until then, so thank you on top of congratulations.

    Big snow days are always wonderful for sleeping in and enjoying the soft slow pace of the winter, engulfing, embracing, and cocoon-like. I hope Finn comes home soon.

    Best wishes.

  2. pomegranate

    Thank you for the congratulations – and I’m so glad you submitted as well, I loved what you wrote and I’m glad others will be reading it. I’m looking forward to wading through the other posts as well… work from home? What work? Ha.

  3. Rev

    Sometimes even in the v.o. we have to put our heads down and do our work.

  4. Rev

    oh also, if you came to visit now, perhaps DC would feel warm?

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