you make me want to do
what i shouldn’t,
which is to give

in.  to stay up all night
for the company of your warm and breathing body,
to keep my eyes open in case

you should want to meet my gaze.
you make me want:
to succumb.  to surrender, hands above my head.

(reckless abandon,
they call it,
i think.)  you

force me to my knees and
make me feel every second
in my body –
we are connected –

every atom suddenly becoming
something of us
the sharp focus of my eyes
and your breath filling my lungs
my own blood pounding
faster with each place you touch and
my hips leaning slowly

in —

these are the things you do to me
from across rooms and rivers
(you make me want to do
what i shouldn’t
and you make me want to whisper


[In response to Sinclair’s call for submissions to the Carnival…]



Filed under lightning and a lightning bug, queering the binary

6 responses to “.temerarious.

  1. Stunning. Intense. Evocative. This poem does what good poetry does, it expands beyond itself, beyond the confines of the words, of the page, simply, with no sounds to spare.

    Also loved your choice and use of punctuation, of hyphens and parenthesis and the colon. And the two single word stanzas, which become “in -” “please.)”


    ps Have you read tonguetiedblue.blogspot.com? I think you might find her work quite interesting.

  2. Wow, this is great! It fits my very sexy mood today – thank you.

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  4. Nef

    my immediate thought was….ahhh, swoon.

  5. Lola

    Stunning. I love the rhythm, the imagery. Thank you for sharing!

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