.finn comes home tonight!.

She’s been away at midwifery school for 2 weeks and I only saw her briefly over the weekend – and now she’s on her way home! It’s hard sometimes; we have such crazy schedules anyway, what with my hour+ commute and her unpredictable hours, and to then have her gone for a few weeks out of every few months sometimes makes me crazy.  But it’s all so worth it when she walks in the door.

In other news however, I am getting sick.  :(   Sore throat, starting up with the sniffles, cough, fuzzy head… I can tell my body’s still fighting it, so maybe it won’t turn into full-blown illness, but it was enough to lead me to take a half-day at work today.   I’m currently laying on the couch devouring season 2 of The Office on netflix-watch-instantly (erm… cue addiction) whilst I await Finn’s arrival.

Oh, also, one of my very best friends and old roommates, Olive, is going to be in town for part of this weekend, so I MUST get well.  (I just did a google search of Victorian names to come up with a good nickname for her – she was born in the wrong era, honestly.)  I’ll only get to see her for Saturday afternoon/night, but we’re planning an old school slumber party, and I don’t want to be anything other than ready to rock.


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  1. Alex

    Olive!! love it. now i need to work my way up to a nickname. maybe i should come visit! :)

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