Girl gets on the train this morning – Bitchy Conductor comes by to sell her a ticket.  Girl has no money.  B.C. makes a huge scene, totally chews her out, loudly, essentially humiliates her in front of our entire car.  This despite the fact that the girl’s manner of dress and, well, hygiene, made it pretty clear that she probably wasn’t lying about not having money for the train.  (I didn’t have any cash or I would have offered it just to get B.C. to stop yelling already).  Heavy stuff for 7:15am.

One of the other conductors finally came over and whispered (this was all happening in the seat behind me, mind you, so I was privy to whispers), “Go a little easier on her, huh?”  B.C. responds with compassionless retort, finishes up with snide remark, and stalks off.

As we’re getting off the train later, I see Sweet Conductor handing some money to the girl, telling her to use it for a ticket for the ride home, “plus a little extra for breakfast if you’re hungry.”  I love it when people remind me that there is goodness among strangers.  Totally made my day.


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  1. The thing I like about this story is how easy it is for each of us to be the Sweet Conductor. The opportunities for kindness abound. Just look. Even if you don’t confront you BC, you can easily lend a kind hand to a stranger.

    Acts of simple kindness reminds us that we are all human, we are connected to others.

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