.2009 will be a very good year.

I’m starting this blog because I have a terrible memory, and a love of small moments.  I’ve realized that the two don’t mix unless I commit to writing things down so that when I look back, there will be something there.  In blogs past, I spent a lot of time commenting on politics, activism, things that weren’t directly a part of my own life.  I guess I felt like my own moments weren’t really worthy of recording, because who would want to read them?  But I’ve been following other blogs for a while now, blogs of strangers who just want to keep a record of their thoughts, their lives, however small they may seem to those that don’t know them.  I’m not sure who their intended audience is, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  They write without expectation, and their stories are fascinating and unadorned and funny and moving and unquestionably beautiful.  That’s what I want for this blog.  It won’t always be serious, won’t always be insightful, won’t always have something worthwhile to say.  Which is exactly the way I want it.

I hope to remain somewhat anonymous here, though I’m sure people who know me in real life will most likely make up most of my readership.  A difference from blogs past, though: no real names, no too-specific details.  Now that we’re all working adults, it just doesn’t seem fair to put people’s information into the ether without some caution.  Plus, you never know when the crazies might find you.  Ha.

Anyway.  Today has been relatively quiet.  Last night GF and I spent NYE with some friends, champagne, laughter.  We were worried we wouldn’t get to go (4 or 5 inches of snow had fallen that day and they’re not very good about plowing our street) but we braved it and went anyway.  I was kind of disappointed because we didn’t actually watch the ball drop, which is what I’ve done every year since I can remember (and I’m a sucker for tradition) but we marked the time on the microwave clock and had a short-but-sweet toast to ring in the year.  And smooches, of course.

Slept in today, which was glorious, and then GF was off to an appointment.  (I’m going to need a nickname for her, stat.)  I just spent all afternoon alternating between the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel and cleaning the house for the first time in weeks.  Usually I’m a cleaning fiend, but with the holidays and being gone and work being so busy, I just couldn’t keep up.  I announced this morning that a new year meant getting rid of all the winter dust (aka cat hair) that had accumulated, and several hours later the place is finally halfway presentable.  My nose won’t stop running from all the dust though.  Ew.

Tomorrow I need to come up with some resolutions.  One is definitely going to be working on putting more positive things out into the universe (hence this post title), but I need to spend a little time thinking about what I want for myself and my loved ones in this new year.


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